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Compare your company with competitors in the public market.

Find out your company positioning in the market according to opportunities received, proposals sent and awards.

Position your company in the public procurement market

Analyse your company’s activity in VORTAL platform to compare it with your competitors in your sector.

  • Assess your company’s performance.
    Compare the number and success rate of your opportunities, proposals and awards per market category.

  • Compare your company with competition.
    See your results per category in comparison with the market leader and the average of your market.

  • Save time and effort in your analysis.
    Access to reliable market information, centralized in one plataform.

  • Know your most competitive categories.
    Find out which of your sector’s categories you have a higher or lower market representation and know where you have to improve.

How it works?

Simple steps that will change your business.

See how many opportunities you are receiving in VORTAL, how many proposals you sent and how many awards you got.

At the same time, compare your numbers with the market (the best in class and the average) through our databases from VORTAL.

With the help of Benchmarker and Opportunities Finder, know easily how many opportunities you still have to explore.

In detail

Some specifications you can rely on.
  • Get to know the potential of every market category and know where to invest.

    See the number of opportunities, proposals and awards per category selected.

  • Analise the seasonality of your sector at short and medium term. 

    See all the data of the last 6 or 12 months.

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