Armilar Market Prices

Perfect your strategy before every deal.

Analyze market prices and test your offer beforehand.

Maximize results with the best offer

Benchmark your pricing strategy. *

  • Keep up with market demand.
    Select products and monitor price evolution, as well as fluctuation.

  • Know the best products to bet on.
    Strengthen your competitive advantage with access to strategic pricing information.

  • Test your pricing.
    Understand the award probability and work on the success of your offer.

* Currently available for drugs and medical devices only.

How it works?

Simple steps that will change your business.

Analyze trending and in-demand products, among others.

Compare the lowest and highest prices offered in your market.

Test the competitiveness of your prices.

In detail

Some specifications you can rely on.

  • Analyze important strategic information.

    Access forecast data of products prices and increase your profit margins.

  • Gain a new perspective of the market.

    Define margins to be applied to each product based on market permeability and prices.

  • Know what your success rate is.

    Test how well your prices will perform against specific tender variables.

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