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Armilar Benchmarker

Get to know who is buying what to whom in public tendering.

Analysis of your market, competition, potencial clients and public contracts.

Lead your Market

Get crucial data to be successful in public tendering.
  • Get an overview of your market.
    Be informed about the transactions that took place and the correspondent tenders.

  • Make acquaintance of the top players in your market.
    Spot the type of tenders that they were involved with.

  • Access detailed information about your competition.
    See who are your competitors’ clients.

Define a better strategy

Analyze your public sector in detail.

Your Market

Get to know the volume of business opportunities in your market and analyze the volume of transactions and contracts within your business profile.

Your Competition

Get to know the players in your market and compare yourself with them.

Market Diligence

Have an outlook of the established relationships in your market. Know who is working with whom.

How it works?

Simple steps to be closer to win public contracts.
Get to know the volume of business opportunities in your market.
Analyze your competition.
Compare yourself with other market players.
Know who is supplying your customers and prospects.

In detail

Some specifications you can rely on.
  • Analyze a specific client or prospect.

    Know the type of tenders they are launching and who their suppliers are.

  • See the numbers.

    Know the volume of transactions in the last months.

  • Get insightful information.

    Check in detail all the transactions involved.


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