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Armilar Contracts Forecaster

Anticipate the public contracts from the future.

Get to know which contracts are expiring and have high probability of renewal.

Excel at Public Tendering

Be one step ahead of your competition.
  • Know which contracts will expire soon.
    Have access to privileged and organized information.

  • Have more time getting your sales team ready.
    Start preparing your offer sooner than your competition.

  • Check detailed information about contracts.
    Know about potential business opportunities before anyone else.

How it works?

Simple steps to get more public awards.
Get an overview of your market.
Search contracts about to expire.
Check the probability of renewal of these services and acquisitions.
Start working on your new leads.

In detail

Some specifications you can rely on.
  • Get an outlook of the contracts that match your business.

    Define your search criteria.

    Contracts Forecaster

  • Find out more about the volume of past contracts and awards.

    Get an overview of past transactions in your market.

    Contracts Forecaster

  • Select the contracts you want to start working on.

    Check the probability of renewal of each service and acquisition.

    Contracts Forecaster

  • Manage your own contracts in a centralized environment.

    Be updated about your own contracts.

    Contracts Forecaster

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