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Armilar New Markets

Know the right price for your products in the public pharmaceutical sector.

Know the average, minimum and maximum prices quoted and awarded to define a better pricing strategy.

Enhance your vision

An interoperability service with Vortal’s platform

  • Get to know every time that a direct award is advertised by Public Bodies.
    Receive notifications about Direct Awards.

  • Generate more leads in Vortal’s platform.
    Gain more business opportunities.

  • Promote your company to potential buyers.
    Your company’s profile is shared with public entities, during the invitation to tenders.

  • Manage your chances better.
    Access advanced services provided by Armilar in Vortal’s platform.

How it works?

Simple steps that will change your business.

Define your business profile.
Search business opportunities.
Select the tenders to answer to.
Submit your proposals.

In detail

Some specifications you can rely on.

  • Search new prospects.

    Define your search criteria and find new business opportunities.

    eTendering +

  • Find new suppliers for your business.

    Become a buyer and find new suppliers at better prices.

    eTendering +

  • Manage your messages with your customers.

    Keep in touch with your clients.

    eTendering +

  • Be notified about new business opportunities.

    Receive alerts every time a new opportunity matches your business.

    eTendering +

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