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Healthcare, medicines and medical devices.

Market Intelligence services to make more business in public tendering.

Healthcare sector Public Tendering in Portugal and Spain​


Companies awarded per year​.


Value awared​.


Contracts awarded per year​.

More information, more sales​

Reach success with competitive prices
Analyze in detail each product sold and not just the contracts. Know exactly what is the right price to launch your proposals so that you are more likely to be awarded without losing profit.

Identify future opportunities before they are made public
The health sector is one of the sectors with the most contracts likely to be renewed (81% of the total). Identify these contracts, prepare the best proposal for when the opportunity arises and win contracts from your competitors.

Know your market better than anyone
The healthcare industry can be large and complex. Know how to analyze it, identify where and with whom you can do more business and protect your market position.

Our services

How to be ahead of your competitors? With Market Intelligence solutions.​

Armilar Benchmarker
Armilar Benchmarker
  • Industry analysis: find out which CPV’s your market has the most contracts for
  • Buyer and competitor analysis: get to know all the players in your market and see their contracts
  • Know who works with whom
Armilar Opportunities Finder
  • Daily or weekly alerts for new business opportunities ​
  • Advanced search by keywords, locations, business categories (CPV), dates, entities and more
Armilar Opportunities Finder
Armilar eTendering +
Armilar New Markets
  • Work more with buyers who don’t know you
  • Be automatically suggested to purchasing entities when the tender is launched ​
Armilar Contracts Forecaster
  • Ideal for companies that work with renewable contracts ​
  • Win contracts from your competitors
  • Know the opportunities that will arise long before they are disclosed ​
Armilar Contracts Forecaster
Armilar eTendering +
Armilar Market Prices
  • Ideal for companies that work with renewable contracts
  • Know the opportunities that will arise long before they are disclosed
  • Win contracts from your competitors

Our Plans

We offer a variety of services to help you and your business. Choose the plan that suits better.

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