What kind of company is Armilar?
Armilar is a Spanish Business Intelligence company that operates in different countries, and helps companies in the definition of their business strategy, to know their competitors and who are the main buyers within their business profile. It also helps to accelerate and save time by having all the opportunities of your interest in one place, to increase your confidence by reducing risks and to improve your commercial capacities and performance, through electronic notification services, support, consultancy, electronic tendering and market analysis to economic operators interested in public procurement.
What kind of services does Armilar provide?
Armilar provides business intelligence and value-added solutions to companies based on the interoperability with public procurement platforms whose tools allow companies to use these platforms in a more agile and organized way, as well as to have access to all procedures that interest them using e-noticing and opportunity aggregation tools aimed at their business areas. Finding the offers you want is just the first step. Armilar has its team of consultants at your disposal to support you in the bidding process on the different electronic platforms. With a specialized work in market intelligence and predictive analytics, Armilar provides relevant information to better understand your sector of activity, for the development of your business through the data collected, as well as information on possible future contracts and purchasing patterns in your sector, allowing you to have a better commercial performance and anticipate the businesses you are interested in. All this designed in a logical 360º, putting the focus on increasing your chances of winning more and better businesses.
How does ARMILAR obtain information on opportunities or awards?
The information obtained by ARMILAR is public and comes from the various contractor profiles and public procurement platforms to which it is connected. Its tools aggregate information from different public and private platforms and process it according to the Business Intelligence system and its own algorithms, to provide information and the most appropriate indicators for its clients' business.
What is ARMILAR's relationship with the PLACSP or other public procurement platforms?
ARMILAR is a private company that does not have any kind of agreement with any public administration, so it is totally independent. The information provided by ARMILAR, coming from public platforms such as PLACSP (Plataforma de Contratación del Sector Público), is public and is obtained freely, without resorting to any association, through open data, being also the responsibility of each of the sources.
What kind of interoperability does ARMILAR offer?
ARMILAR has a strategic approach related to the centralization of information of public procedures and the creation of interoperability protocols with different platforms. That is to say, to allow the interconnection between systems and a joint operation, in a compatible way. The first agreement has been made with the Vortal’s electronic platform, one of the most used by the Spanish public and business sector. With this access and technology, ARMILAR provides a layer of interoperability that adds a set of features that improve the organization and management of information and enhances the promotion of the company to obtain more business opportunities. In this way, it makes it easier for economic operators to be more agile when submitting tenders, obtaining greater promotion, time savings and increased productivity.
How is the service provided by ARMILAR different?

ARMILAR covers the entire bidding process, from the delivery of all the information on public procurement procedures in a single site, to the delivery of expert support to accompany the submission of bids on the different electronic platforms in the market, including market analysis and intelligence services, becoming a 360º service.

Through its service portfolio, ARMILAR consolidates all the information that is dispersed in different public procurement platforms, offering specific current and historical information about their activity categories (potential clients/competitors) and about contracts that will be terminated in order to anticipate their commercial activity, increasing the probability of converting opportunities into awards.

In addition, ARMILAR is currently the first operator to offer information from other contracting platforms through aggregation mechanisms, which makes it possible to send offers more quickly and easily.

What kind of support ARMILAR offers?
ARMILAR offers functional support in the registration, submission and management of proposals in the main electronic public procurement platforms in Spain. The support is free of charge by phone and remote (toll free) so our customers can contact our team of expert consultants at any time between 08h and 18h, during working days.

However, ARMILAR is not responsible for any technical difficulty or unavailability on any of the platforms where the procedures are residing. So, if it is concluded that it is a question of reporting or clarifying technical problems or unavailable services, the user must then use the means of contact made available on those platforms to report difficulties.
What e-procurement platforms does the Premium Support covers?
The Premium Support service consists of providing functional support in the submission of proposals in public procurement platforms such as the PLACSP (Plataforma de Contratación del Sector Público), the Plataforma de Servicios de Contratación Pública de la Generalitat de Cataluña (AOC), the Portal de la Contratación Pública de la Comunidad de Madrid and Vortal’s electronic platform.
Who is the ARMILAR’s service for?
ARMILAR’s services has been designed for all companies looking to know their sector of activity through an accessible Business Intelligence solution and also for those looking to centralize electronic procurement procedures in a single site, where a 360° service is covered - including aggregate access to the most relevant business opportunities according to the characteristics of your company and support in the bidding process (registration on electronic platforms, sending electronic proposals and their documentation). In addition, it is a service that allows companies the interoperability with platforms and systems so that they have more agility and more information when presenting new proposals, reducing their concerns, saving time of their equipment and maximizing the probability of obtaining better results.
Does ARMILAR also provide services to public entities?
No. Right now ARMILAR's focus is on providing business intelligence, interoperability, expert support and market intelligence services to companies.
How can an economic operator contact ARMILAR if he has any questions or needs support?
You can send an email to informacion@armilar.biz or call directly to +34 900 823 900 (free call), every working day from 08h to 18h.


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