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What kind of company are we?

Armilar is a market intelligence company for the public procurement market that operates in different countries. We help companies define their business strategy, get to know their competitors and find business opportunities in the public market.

What is Market Intelligence?

A service similar to Business Intelligence but focused on market data. The Market Intelligence process involves collecting market data from various sources, processing, standardizing and applying algorithms to it, and finally presenting it in an intuitive and user-friendly way for decision-making.

What kind of services do we offer?
Our greatest value lies in the Armilar platform, software that aggregates market data from the main public procurement platforms in Portugal and Spain. In this platform we have various modules that differ according to the analysis objective: finding new business opportunities (Opportunities Finder), finding future business opportunities through contract renewals (Contracts Forecaster), market and competition analysis (Benchmarker) or pharmaceutical product price analysis (Market Prices). Outside of the Armilar platform, we also have an interoperability service with the Vortal platform to provide advanced functionalities, and we also carry out market studies tailored to the needs of each company.
How does Armilar obtain information on business opportunities and contracts?
The information obtained by ARMILAR is public and comes from public procurement platforms. Its tools aggregate information and process it according to the Business Intelligence system and its own algorithms, to provide information and the most appropriate indicators for the business of the company.
What is Armilar’s relationship with the various public procurement platforms?
ARMILAR is a private company that does not have any kind of agreement with any public administration and is therefore totally independent. The information provided by ARMILAR is public and is obtained freely, without recourse to any association, through open data for which each source is responsible.
​ What kind of interoperability services does Armilar offer?
There is an agreement with Vortal’s electronic platform in Spain and Portugal, one of the most widely used by the public and business sectors in this country. With this access and technology, ARMILAR provides an interoperability layer that adds a set of features that improve the organization and management of information, increase company promotion to obtain more business opportunities and make it easier for economic operators to submit tenders more quickly.
How do Armilar’s services differ from the rest of the market?
ARMILAR covers the entire bidding process, from providing all the information on public procurement procedures in one place (in Portugal and Spain), to providing specialized support to accompany the submission of bids on the different electronic market platforms, including analysis and market intelligence services, making it a 360º service.
From which e-procurement platforms does Armilar draw its data?

For Portugal, Armilar collects data directly from the VORTAL platform and supplements it with the portal, where all public procurement data in Portugal is centralized.

In Spain, the main source of data is PLACSP (Plataforma de Contratación del Sector Publico), which centralizes public data in Spain, and Armilar complements this data with the other autonomous public procurement platforms by community (Catalonia, Madrid, Andalusia, Galicia, the Basque Country, La Rioja and Navarre).

Who are Armilar’s services aimed at?

All companies that work with the public administration or have an interest in public procurement market data. Companies that want to centralize public procurement procedures on a single platform or that want to stay one step ahead of the competition with market intelligence tools.

Does Armilar also provide services to public entities?
No. At the moment, ARMILAR is focused on providing business intelligence, interoperability, specialized support and market intelligence services to companies.
How can an economic operator contact ARMILAR if they have any questions?
You can send an e-mail to