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Market Intelligence applied to Public Tendering
More information, more sales

Public tendering market data about your competitors, potencial customers and expiring contracts.

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Contratación Pública en Espanha

Access data about your market, target and competition. Information updated daily.







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Armilar Benchmarker
Know more about your market, competition and target.
Armilar Contracts Forecaster

Be aware of contracts about to terminate. 

Armilar Market Prices

Benchmark your pricing strategy.

Armilar New Markets

Access interoperability services within advanced eTendering platforms.

Armilar Opportunities Finder

Find new leads.

Armilar Premium Support

Receive personal assistance in the submission of your proposals.

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What kind of company are we?
Armilar is a market intelligence company for the public procurement market that operates in different countries. We help companies define their business strategy, get to know their competitors and find business opportunities in the public market.
What is Market Intelligence?
A service similar to Business Intelligence but focused on market data. The Market Intelligence process involves collecting market data from various sources, processing, standardizing and applying algorithms to it, and finally presenting it in an intuitive and user-friendly way for decision-making.
What kind of services do we offer?
Our greatest value lies in the Armilar platform, software that aggregates market data from the main public procurement platforms in Portugal and Spain. In this platform we have various modules that differ according to the analysis objective: finding new business opportunities (Opportunities Finder), finding future business opportunities through contract renewals (Contracts Forecaster), market and competition analysis (Benchmarker) or pharmaceutical product price analysis (Market Prices). Outside of the Armilar platform, we also have an interoperability service with the Vortal platform to provide advanced functionalities, and we also carry out market studies tailored to the needs of each company.